The inevitable


it is inevitable you will go to at least one funeral or memorial service in your life. No matter what the loss, it is a very saddening and humbling experience. A death makes us stop for, at least, a moment and reflect on the lives we are living and have been living. I make promises to myself to get in touch with so and so and make sure I am closer to all family. I plan to write real letters that are meaningful and straight from the heart. The problem with this is once the service is over and you’ve said your goodbyes you return to your busy, hectic life and forget all those good intentions. It’s like a New Year’s resolution only we keep those longer.

my prior post was a poem that spoke of doing things now. Don’t wait. Most of us have cell phones now and technology has taken us beyond conventional communication. Maybe one way to start is before driving your car out of that parking lot vow to call or write someone you’ve been meaning to get back in touch with. Keep that vow by making it an appointment on your calendar.

i am attending a memorial service today for a very special person who was a dad, a husband, a son, a brother and a very hard worker. He had heart disease and didn’t know it and had even had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. He was 40 years old and leaves behind many who will find it difficult to live without him.

go to your doctor regularly for a physical and be honest with that doctor about your health. Not only does your life depend on it, but the family and friends you leave behind are affected too.

we never know how getting in touch with someone may change their life because you are back in it and you take the opportunity to show them how to care about being healthy.

Don’t wait . . .


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