another day in paradise!


Norman (B-1) feeling guilty about chicken leg

well it’s just another fun day here in Lucy World. Lucy had a chicken leg. I should emphasize HAD. Norman (B-1) took it while she was messing around doing anything but eat. While she was crying for her chicken leg I was trying to pry Norman’s mouth open so he wouldn’t choke on the bone. He, of course, bit down. Silly thing to do I guess. Anyway, all was good and Lucy gave Norman a good talking to. After being scolded he bent down and threw up.

Now she’s acting like she’s come over to visit and is my neighbor. She says she came over to watch television. Good try I say. I told her I thought she came over to do my hair. She said in all seriousness – “I don’t do that anymore. And anyway, I forgot my comb.” I said, “That’s okay, I have a comb.” She answered, “Well, I really don’t do that anymore and can’t do it today anyway. Maybe tomorrow.” I gave up and made an appointment with her for tomorrow. Oh well.


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