Book Bindings – the things that bind us to books

Book Bindings – the things that bind us to books

If you love books like I do then the sites below will be gems for you to return to time after time.

What Should I Read Next – Enter a book you like and the site will analyze a huge database of real readers’ favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.  You can register for free on the results page and build your own favorites list.  Can even enter by ISBN.

Literature Map – This site is really cool.  You enter an author you like and you see all these author’s names swirl around, including your author.  The author names closest to the author you entered is an author who writes similar material.

Murder By the Book – I love this store.  It’s in Houston, TX and I’ve never actually been there, but really want to visit.  They seem to have the best book signings and the best customer service.  You can order signed books and even have them inscribed personally to you.  Almost like you were there.  It’s worth signing up for their email newsletter.

Book Igloo

Book Igloo

Chronicle Books – A great bookstore located in the Bay Area with a magnificent online presence.  They have everything cool and interesting.  Sign up to follow their blog, like them on Facebook, get on their newsletter list or view their 2012 catalog.  Very helpful and have so much to offer.

Allreaders – Thriller/Action precision search.  When they say precise, they mean precise, down to plot, subplot, etc.  Very cool if you have some time to play around with it.

Public Library phone booth

Public Library phone booth

New York Times Book Review – You can sign up to have the Sunday Book Review sent to your inbox or go directly to the site.  I like to see what new books make the list each week, go to my public library site and put them on hold so I can review them before buying.  I also go to Amazon to check out ratings on books I find on here and recommendations, prices.
Goodreads – You can sign up here and enter books you have read, communicate via Facebook with other friends and get recommendations from them on  what to read next.  You can also sign up for groups who are interested in the same genres and Goodreads updates your recommendations based on the books you’ve read and plan to read.  Very neat I think.
Let me know what you think of the links and if you have any others of interest.  Happy reading book worms!

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I am a mom of one 10 year old and stepmother to three wonderful adults; ages 20, 23 and 25. The youngest child is just beginning Fifth grade at Ashland Elementary in the Gifted/Quest program. She enjoys playing violin, archery and everything scientific. Mary Stewart is beginning her last year of medical school at Case Western in Cleveland. She and her fiancé, Franklin, plan to marry next June! Charles Morgan just graduated from the College of Charleston and will be beginning Post-Baccalaureate work next month. Betsy is living the college dream at Ole Miss in Oxford studying Business and the most fun ways to party. She plans to take the LSAT next summer! We are very blessed in the family department. My husband is a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property, computer and entertainment law. We are in the eighth year since starting our own business, Montague Law PLLC. I have the title Operational Manager which means the administrative end of the business (yuk) and now some new and fun work on the firm's website. We live in Lexington, KY or as many know it – horse country. Everything around here is horse-themed and it is a very beautiful area to live in and raise a family. I have many interests that span art, sciences, education, books, computer science and security and one of my greatest passions is design. One of my favorite blogs is Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge. I like living the simple life, spending time with my family and reading and writing about my interests in my blog. One of my hopes in developing this blog is to share with you the many things I enjoy so that you may enjoy them too. I love sharing cool information with people who appreciate it. I like pinning on Pinterest, keeping track of my high school friends, college friends and family on Facebook and don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes re-shelve books at the library because I enjoy it.

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