Arbor Day at the Arboretum

Red tailed hawk

Today was Arbor Day and we went to an Arbor Day celebration at our local Arboretum.  A lot of great exhibits surrounded us. The Kentucky Children’s Garden is always wonderful, but one in particular stood out to me.  I guess maybe it’s my love for birds and all critters.  One of the exhibits was Critters in the Classroom in association with Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky.  If you happen to know of a raptor in need of rescue please call the rescue line at:  (502) 491-1939.  The Red tailed hawk photographed above is something we see in our neighborhood quite frequently soaring slowly over the tall trees in our backyard.  Getting to see one up close was a real treat.

Barred Owl

The Barred Owl was the other bird we saw up close today and it did not disappoint.  The owl was beautiful and to see its head turn around when we called his name delighted my daughter, Lucy.  A truly amazing animal.

I know today was Arbor Day and I didn’t discuss trees at all, but I didn’t have room to plant a tree at home and we didn’t even look.  What can I say?  The birds stole the show.


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I am a mom of one 9 year old and stepmother to three wonderful adults; ages 19, 22 and 24. The youngest child is in Fourth grade at Maxwell, a Spanish Immersion school in Lexington, KY. She enjoys playing violin and everything scientific. Mary Stewart is well into her third year of medical school at Case Western in Cleveland; Charles Morgan is beginning his final semester at College of Charleston; Betsy is living the college dream at Ole Miss in Oxford studying Business and the most fun ways to party. We are very blessed in the family department. My husband is a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property, computer and entertainment law. We are in the seventh year since starting our own business, Montague Law PLLC. I have the title Operational Manager which means the administrative end of the business (yuk). We live in Lexington, KY or as many know it – horse country. Everything around here is horse and it is a very beautiful area to live in and to raise a family. I have a great many interests that span art, sciences, education, books, film, computer sciences and security and my greatest passion is design. One of my favorite blogs is Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge. I like living the simple life, spending time with my family and reading and writing about my interests in my blog. One of my hopes in developing this blog is to share with you the many things I enjoy so that you may enjoy them too. I love sharing cool information with people who appreciate it. I like pinning on Pinterest, keeping track of my high school friends, college friends and family on Facebook and don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes re-shelve books at the library because I enjoy it.

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