spiritually spoken

Prayer Rock

Prayer Rock

Prayer rock - side 2

Prayer rock – side 2

I had a “hair was standing up on the back of my neck” moment last night. Here’s what happened. Lucy was looking through a bowl of prayer rocks I have in my room. She chose the one you see, she read it and announced she was going to look it up in her Bible. I, of course, encouraged her. What seemed like half an hour later, some crying and frustration, we found the verse together. I went about putting away the laundry, etc. and then cleaned out her backpack. Yesterday was their last day of Pre-K. In her backpack was a card I had earlier overlooked. I opened it and it was from one of Lucy’s teachers. It read:

Sweet note

Sweet note

See the recurring theme here? Ever since then I have been looking at things quite differently. In most areas of my life, it seems, I choose to “lean on my own understanding.” I am trying to trust the Lord, instead. Really made me think!


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