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Christmas angst!


Christmas lights – why did I think I needed so many?

extension cords – why can’t I use them and hide the cords effectively?

clueless people – why can’t I tolerate them?

holiday when people with no taste choose to decorate – ditto

holiday inflatables – ditto

pocket knife – what I’d like to do to the inflatables

rose-colored glasses – what everyone’s wearing this season

glass half full – filled to the rim!

men – need I say more?


Fab Fabric envelopes


Fabric envelopes

As seen on the Handmade Charlotte and Design Sponge blogs.  I decided to post these because I might actually do this.  I am so awful at this crafting thing, but this looks doable.

What you need is as follows:

scrap paper for templates

two pieces of fabric, one solid and one pattern (18” x 20” for large envelope, 6” x 6” for small envelope)

fusible webbing, cut to same size as fabric



two buttons

needle & thread

thin ribbon or cord to tie envelope shut

For how to instructions click here.

I will post my finished products if you will post yours.  I dare you!  Mine will probably look like a Kindergartener made it.