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10 Things I learned in 2012


Here are a few things I learned in 2012.  There, is, of course, more, but I don’t want to bore you:

  1. Control Top pantyhose sucked when I was 20 and they suck now.
  2. Christmas is not as fun as an adult.
  3. Some levels in Angry Birds are unattainable.
  4. You can get stuck in a Spanx.  (in a fitting room it is very scary)
  5. Tim Tebow is under-appreciated.
  6. Having two, male Boston terriers is a bad idea.
  7. It’s not a good idea to do anything after taking an Ambien. (some of the toys your children received for Christmas can be fun to play with after you take it, but try not to)
  8. Guns and Roses rock!  No question.
  9. You never know someone’s circumstances.  Consider that in 2013 when you see misbehaved children or someone tailgating.  Be easy on yourself and others.
  10. No matter how “cookie cutter” people seem they are all different and all have problems – even if they seem or look like they don’t.

Happy New Year!



Hello Kitty!


Here are some of the best Hello Kittys I have seen.

“Luke.  I’m your father!  I mean your cat!”


Zombie Hello Kitty, of course!

And Batman Hello Kitty!

And who could resist a Ghostbuster’s Hello Kitty.  Not me!

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Prepare Your Peeps!


Well folks it’s Easter time and time for “Peep Jousting”.  Peep Jousting has been around for years and if you haven’t experienced it, you should really give it a try.  For those of you who have never participated in the spirited event here’s how to get started:

  1. Get some Peeps.  The chicks work better than the bunnies for some reason.  I think the bunnies get “top-heavy”;
  2. Place two Peeps on a paper plate;
  3. Place a toothpick into each Peep’s chest (there is a strategy to this and you need to do it a few times to be good at it);
  4. Put your Peep plate in the microwave (carefully so your Peeps don’t fall over and become disqualified);
  5. Set your microwave to 10-15 seconds.  This may be too much, but you have to watch anyway so judge the time by what happens.  Once the microwave begins the Peeps begin to “joust”.  They get huge, then deflate, and if left in too long catch fire so look out for that hazard;
  6. As your Peeps “joust” you will see one of the toothpicks go through another of the Peeps thereby “defeating” the other Peep;
  7. The winner plays all of the people in the room (with new Peeps each time, of course) until one winner is crowned;
  8. Do something special for the Peep King or Queen in your midst;
  9. If you have a microwave that is easily viewed it is possible to tape the “joust” event;
  10. I have included a YouTube video of one particular “joust”.  Peep Joust
  11. Happy jousting and Happy Easter!
  12. And remember Jesus is the reason for the Season – this is just for fun.
Another perk is to have Hershey bars and graham crackers on hand and after each “joust” you can make Peep S’mores.  Delish!