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Random rant


The Scream by Edvard Munch

want no waiting

upended disheveled

uncomfortably stable

impatient reticent

spoiled spyglass

depressed delirium

anxious anomaly

guilty guess work

loathing locked in


The Work of the Shepherd


Our Priest gave a very interesting sermon back in April and began by talking about how his father used to put their names on all their belongings so they wouldn’t get lost.

The message is we can never get lost from our Shepherd because we are sealed or “marked” with the holy spirit.

“Be the Church!” is what he said.

When you see someone on the street who doesn’t look like you remember they’re “Not the Other, but the Brother”.  We are all intertwined.

Sealed with the Spirit

Indeed we are

healed from within

was why he bore the scars.

Why did he do it

for people like us?

For people who

are not happy

but go around and fuss?

He did it for us.

It’s hard to believe

why a God so great

would choose that

as a time to celebrate.

You see, he knew, and

he tried to tell others,

why he was here

and what he’d discovered

but we didn’t understand

like sheep on the land

and went on living

in sin as we do.

In my bed awake

at night all alone

I think how

the savior bought me

and what I did for it

was nothing –

seems too much to bear.

God says sleep my

child because there’s

work to be done.  Fields

are ripe for harvest and

many are to be won.

Witness to others.  It’s one of our greatest gifts!

Marilyn’s LIFE


I have mentioned before I own an original copy of the June 22, 1962 Life magazine which has the Marilyn “skinny dip.”  On the cover of this magazine another tag line is “Cancer May Be Infectious”.  The magazine goes on to publish a 5 page article on how cancer is or may be infectious.  If any of you would like a copy of these pages, please let me know and I can get them to you.  There are many interesting things in the magazine, but the ads are some of the most interesting.  The cigarette ads and how glamourous smoking seems and the makeup advertisements.

Since the pictures were so controversial they were neatly tucked on page 87 of 92 pages in the June, 1962 Life.  Here are actual shots of the 4 page article.

Page 1 Marilyn article from Life

Page 1 Marilyn article from Life

Picture opposite text (above)

Picture opposite text (above)

LIfe's version of the "centerfold"

LIfe’s version of the “centerfold”

Page 3 of article (paragraph one)

Page 3 of article (paragraph one)

Page 3, paragraph 2

Page 3 of article (paragraph two)

Page 3 of article (paragraph 3)

Page 3 of article (paragraph 3)

Page 3 in its entirety

Page 3 in its entirety

Page 4 text

Page 4 text

Page 4 in its entirety

Page 4 in its entirety

I hope you enjoyed seeing the original article from the 1962 Life magazine.  If something isn’t clear, let me know, and I will clarify it.  Happy reading.

Photos by Lawrence Schiller

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Marilyn Memories Magnified


As the 50th Anniversary of her death approaches, Marilyn Monroe is in the spotlight more than ever.  I love Marilyn and it seems there is still more to deliver.  I am loving all of these pictures.  I found this quote particularlly interesting:

A legend and Hollywood icon, Monroe wasn’t always so well known. In 1950, 20th Century Fox studios had just signed the young beauty, calling her “a hot tomato.” They offered Clark the chance to photograph her, but when he sent the shots to editors at LIFE, they were less than impressed. “Who the hell is Marilyn Monroe?” they wrote back in a telegram.

Marilyn in 1950 before she was discovered, Life magazine

Marilyn in 1950 after hired by 20th Century Fox, photographed for Life magazine

Marilyn at 24

Marilyn at 24

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Very odd indeed is an X-ray dated Nov. 10, 1954.  This X-ray of Marilyn Monroe’s chest was obtained by a radiology resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.  The doctor later taught at the school and showed the X-ray to his students. Estimated value: $800 to $1,200.  Pretty ridiculous it seems.  An x-ray of her chest.  Talk about using everything for monetary gain!

X-ray of Marilyn's chest

X-ray of Marilyn’s chest

Some Like It Hot - back revealing in front and back

Some Like It Hot – dress revealing in front as well as back

Another exhibit showcasing some “never before seen” photographs will be on exhibit from May 31, 2012 – June 30, 2012.  The exhibit is entitled LAWRENCE SCHILLER – Marilyn and Me and will be on display at the Steven Kasher Gallery.  Lawrence Schiller will be there tomorrow for a public signing and opening reception for the exhibit and to sign his book Marilyn and Me which was published on May 29, 2012.  My review of the book to come.

Marilyn in pool - Something's Got To Give

Marilyn in pool – Something’s Got To Give

Wonderful Schiller photo

Wonderful Schiller photo

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More to come I’m sure.  There are people all over talking about Vanity Fair’s article on Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Schiller’s photographs, Playboy’s view on the photos and everyone else’s views.  It’s going to get interesting.

Happy viewing and reading!

seems so long ago


They grow up so fast
And before you know it
This time has passed.
We can’t make these
Moments last.
Growing up so fast
It’s scary.
That’s why I’m so wary
Of each little milestone,
Each little look, each little
Girl in the pictures I took.

Where is that child I brought
Home and was scared; to
Breathe too loud – gee I am
So proud.

Soon she’ll be grown
And calling me for advice
And telling me she’s getting on
With her life. I’ll always be
Her mother; no matter how old
because there’s nothing
So precious I will ever hold.

Christina Montague

seed saving

Seed saving kit

Seed saving kit

I would love to do this with Lucy.  She loves saving seeds from fruit and is always asking how things grow.  The kit is on backorder right now – everything I want is on backorder or not being made anymore.  They also have kits for growing a Butterfly Habitat, Vegetables, a Bird Habitat and Organic herbs.  Really neat product idea I originally saw in Whole Living magazine.  These little kits are great learning tools for all ages and could be made with a little of your own creativity and traveling to both a craft and garden store.  What’s more fun that taking your toddler to hardware?

Butterfly garden kit

Butterfly garden kit

I’m expanding our garden this year.  Let me know which of you have gardens and what you grow.  How does your garden grow?  I’m a little bit better with vegetables and herbs than I am with flowers.  Post me your pictures.  Happy gardening!

A Young Girl Reading

A Young Girl Reading

A Young Girl Reading or The Reader in French La Liseuse circa 1770

I have her on my mantle and I love everything about this painting.  I have loved this painting a long time.  When I was about to begin junior high school we took a tour of the school while in sixth grade.  The library was, of course, my favorite place and there she was prominently placed for all to see.  I fell in love and never kept trying to find out more about this painting.

A Young Girl Reading is an 18th century painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.  The painting is of an unidentified girl reading an unidentified book.  I have searched for the identity of the book and the girl and it is nowhere.  This perplexes me.  Fragonard painted many paintings of girls and it appears upon closer inspection (via x-ray) this canvas used to bear another person’s image, although that person’s identify is unknown, as well.  How frustrating.  You may want to look at these books as reference:

  1. Bailey, Colin B. (2003). The Age of Watteau, Chardin, and Fragonard: Masterpieces of French Genre PaintingYale University Press. pp. 286–287. ISBN 0-300-09946-0.
  2. Taft, W. Stanley (2000). The Science of PaintingsSpringer Press. pp. 79–80. ISBN 0-387-98722-3.
The painting was a part of the Melon Foundation’s collection until Andrew W. Melon’s daughter, Mrs. Mellon Bruce gave the painting as a gift to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in memory of her father, Andrew W. Melton.

Some commentary on the painting states Fragonard painted each of the textures in the painting in a different brush stroke which left the viewer feeling a “busy”, not relaxed and absorbed feeling as the painting seems to portray.  I think that’s looking into it a bit much, but to each his own.  Perhaps busy could be associated with Fragonard’s works.  It is said by his friends he finished these paintings in no more than an hour!  His bold, energetic strokes were almost scratched on the surface of the canvas because he was working so quickly.

Using the wooden tip of a brush, Fragonard scratched her ruffed collar into the surface of the paint. This is the “swordplay of the brush” that Fragonard’s contemporaries described, not always with universal approval. The above quote courtesy of the National Gallery of Art.

How does this painting make you feel? What is your favorite painting and why?

no pre-school experience


I was just told I don’t know how to play with play dough (or the reason I’m “no good” at play dough”) because I didn’t go to pre-school.  Isn’t that a riot?

The inevitable


it is inevitable you will go to at least one funeral or memorial service in your life. No matter what the loss, it is a very saddening and humbling experience. A death makes us stop for, at least, a moment and reflect on the lives we are living and have been living. I make promises to myself to get in touch with so and so and make sure I am closer to all family. I plan to write real letters that are meaningful and straight from the heart. The problem with this is once the service is over and you’ve said your goodbyes you return to your busy, hectic life and forget all those good intentions. It’s like a New Year’s resolution only we keep those longer.

my prior post was a poem that spoke of doing things now. Don’t wait. Most of us have cell phones now and technology has taken us beyond conventional communication. Maybe one way to start is before driving your car out of that parking lot vow to call or write someone you’ve been meaning to get back in touch with. Keep that vow by making it an appointment on your calendar.

i am attending a memorial service today for a very special person who was a dad, a husband, a son, a brother and a very hard worker. He had heart disease and didn’t know it and had even had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. He was 40 years old and leaves behind many who will find it difficult to live without him.

go to your doctor regularly for a physical and be honest with that doctor about your health. Not only does your life depend on it, but the family and friends you leave behind are affected too.

we never know how getting in touch with someone may change their life because you are back in it and you take the opportunity to show them how to care about being healthy.

Don’t wait . . .