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Egg on My Face



I was reading the egg-cyclopedia for an un-egg-spected egg-sam when an egg-cellent and egg-stravagant thing happened.  An egg-splosion of egg-normous proportions occurred so I used it as an egg-scuse to egg-splore.  I was preparing for an egg-sotic eggs-hibition on the egg-loo while performing an egg-speriment on the egg-spansion of egg-sercise.  I wanted to egg-spand my egg-straordinary and egg-stensive egg-splanation when I thought of an egg-sample.  Nothing is too egg-streme of an egg-splanation.  Remember it’s important to egg-ercise your brain and go to egg-stensive lengths to egg-spress yourself in egg-stremely egg-citing ways.  Always be egg-sact and egg-spand on egg-samples so people get egg-cited about your topic.  That way they will be sad when you egg-sit and think you’re an egg-spert on everything.  Being egg-spressive with your egg-splanation is egg-istential to being an egg-sperienced person.  It’s egg-silarating.  There will be an egg-samination later so pay egg-stra attention.  If you egg-sist for an egg-ceptional eggs-change you will feel egg-uberant and will therefore egg-sist for a purpose.

Happy Easter!


what books bind you?


I am desperately looking for a good book!  I am re-reading a book, My Name is Mary Sutter, by Robin Oliveira, because there is so little out there right now.  Is anyone else having this problem?  This book is the first of a series and I do like series.  The best book I’ve read lately and that is also a part of a series is John Sandford‘s new Prey novel, Stolen Prey.  I have read all of the Prey novels and they are wonderful!  I give them high praise.  Sandford keeps finding things to do with Lucas Davenport and even ties in his Virgil Flowers books as well.  They’re also not predictable like some I’ve encountered.  What keeps you bound to books?  What are you reading now?

Some series I like to read when they come out are as follows:

Laurell K. Hamilton‘s Anita Blake vampire hunter series – just published Kiss the Dead.  It was good, but not my favorite Anita Blake title.

Tess Gerritsen‘s Rizzoli/Isles series – John Doe, a Kindle short novel is coming out on Monday, July 23, 2012.  Last to Die is coming out in August, 2012.

Karin Slaughter‘s character Will Trent.  I love this character and the supporting characters.  Criminal came out on July 3rd and read Fallen earlier this year.  Fallen is really good.

Kay Hooper’s Noah Bishop novels – new one entitled The First Prophet coming out November 27, 2012

Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse – these have run there course I think – can’t get into the last one for some reason

Deanna Raybourn‘s Lady Julia Grey novels – unsure when new book coming out

George D. Shuman’s Sherry Moore series – unsure but eagerly awaiting new book

Kathy Reichs Tempe Brennan – new book coming out at the end of this month in paperback entitled Bones Are Forever


Jack Kerley‘s Carson Ryder.  Now that’s an interesting character and an ever more interesting family.  He is not even publishing in the U.S. anymore but Her Last Scream is shown on Amazon.  I am going to call the Murder By the Book dealers in Houston, TX on this one.

Are there any series you can’t wait to see?  Have you noticed the small novellas that have started coming out from various authors as e-books?  What do you think of them?  Where do you think the future of sequels lie?

See my earlier post on how to find good books at Book Bindings.


Respite from spite


Spite, however slight,

will surely slight

the ones you love.

Remember this the next time something bothers you.  Instead of saying something out of spite, even something light, refrain.  The payoff will come back with great might.

Book Beginnings


I’ve been thinking a lot about reading lately since my daughter is devouring books.  What book made you a life long reader?  Mine is either the Little House series or Are You There God?  It’s Me, Margaret.

Are You There God?  It's Me, Margaret

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Little House In the Big Woods

Little House In the Big Woods

Look forward to hearing from you!


word cloud

My heart

My heart

Have any of you heard of Tagxedo?  It’s a great site you can go to and create a “word cloud” from either the posts on your blog or just words you type (maybe a poem) or anything that you like.  I think it’s really innovative.  Above is my word cloud for this blog in the shape of a heart.  You can use different shapes such as a star, a dove, etc.

Tagxedo, in a nutshell, is a way to “turn words, such as famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.”

Try it out for yourself!  It’s super fun.  I can’t wait to try some of my poems on there.

New releases found

Author Alerts

Author Alerts

Want to know when your favorite authors have a new book coming out?  With all the Kindle only and ebook only versions available, it’s good to have a place to go to organize your authors.  I have found Author Alerts.  This site is something I’ve wondered about for awhile, but hadn’t bothered looking it up.  You just follow the link, create an account, enter your authors and like magic it shows you when new books are being released by that author and books already released by that author.  Pretty cool I think.  Give it a try.  I haven’t found an app for this yet though.

Let me know what you think.  There is also an RSS feed option on the site also.

Poetry in Motion


As promised, here is more poetry of the past.  This one was written in August of 1993.  I was, evidently, feeling very strong this day.  LOL

It’s entitled “Take a Stand”

Take a stand!

You don’t need a helping hand.

Just say, “I can!”

Speak up for yourself.

Don’t be put up on a shelf.

Just remember your wealth.


Believe in who you are.

Trust in your skills

and have strong will.

If you do these things,

there’s no void in life

that cannot be filled.

the path to mending


This poem and some others I will post in the coming days are things I wrote over ten years ago.  They are a small part of an unpublished anthology entitled “When I find Me, Will I Like Me?”

I hope you like them.


I need an inspiration and a lot less frustration.

I feel I’m all tied in knots,

like an animal who’s been caught.

My muscles are all tense.

I need something to look forward to,

not something to run away from.

I want to do for me what I’ve always done

for others.

I’ve neglected my needs for too long.

I was on my way, but got off the beaten path.

How do I continue this transformation?

Do I need a vacation?

Or would that just be a temporary sensation?

I once had this notion that like a magic potion

growing up would be the beginning

of all the best to come.

Instead what I’ve found

is being naive is not an excuse.

Problems are not solved by circumstance

or by romance, or even by chance.

They are solved from within your soul.

You have to make things happen.

Don’t stand still.

Remember – Targets stand still.