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Egg on My Face



I was reading the egg-cyclopedia for an un-egg-spected egg-sam when an egg-cellent and egg-stravagant thing happened.  An egg-splosion of egg-normous proportions occurred so I used it as an egg-scuse to egg-splore.  I was preparing for an egg-sotic eggs-hibition on the egg-loo while performing an egg-speriment on the egg-spansion of egg-sercise.  I wanted to egg-spand my egg-straordinary and egg-stensive egg-splanation when I thought of an egg-sample.  Nothing is too egg-streme of an egg-splanation.  Remember it’s important to egg-ercise your brain and go to egg-stensive lengths to egg-spress yourself in egg-stremely egg-citing ways.  Always be egg-sact and egg-spand on egg-samples so people get egg-cited about your topic.  That way they will be sad when you egg-sit and think you’re an egg-spert on everything.  Being egg-spressive with your egg-splanation is egg-istential to being an egg-sperienced person.  It’s egg-silarating.  There will be an egg-samination later so pay egg-stra attention.  If you egg-sist for an egg-ceptional eggs-change you will feel egg-uberant and will therefore egg-sist for a purpose.

Happy Easter!


All Cooped Up



You tell me what chickens wouldn’t be happy to be “cooped up” in this great house?  I wouldn’t mind living there myself.  A lot of people are starting to keep chickens now and there are plenty of coop designs to choose from.  I found this one at The Art of Doing Stuff.  Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff built the above coop with no plans to speak of.  Now there are plans out there.  One site that sells them is Chez Poulet.  Here is a picture of the coop.  Is it coopalicious?  Not a word I know.

Chez Poulet Coup

Chez Poulet Coup

Would you build your own coop?  Would you do it without plans like Karen only to find some really great ones online a year later?  I’ve got to admit she has determination. Here is a story about two sisters who bought 40 chicks with no coop.  After keeping the chicks in the garage they decided to build a coop of their own because buying one was so expensive.

Tell me.  Would you like to have your own chicks?  Would you have to live in the country or would you build this or any of these other coops in your backyard and go for it?  Fresh eggs . . .